Turing’s Treatise on Enigma
(The Prof’s Book)

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A document written by the late Dr. Alan Turing
while working as a cryptanalyst at Bletchley Park.

Turing’s Treatise has been entirely retyped by the three editors, Ralph Erskine, Philip Marks and Frode Weierud. It is presented in a non-definitive version which means that it is still missing some of the illustrations and several of the accompanying tables. The treatise will be updated and completed as soon as the necessary time and resources can be allocated.

The treatise has been divided into the original chapters, to ease both downloading and printing. For the time being each chapter has page numbering starting from page 1, however, the original page numbers as they appear in the typed manuscript have been retained. When the final version is ready the new page numbers will be revised and adapted to run consecutively throughout all the chapters.

The treatise is presented in the A4 (290 × 210 mm) size paper format. We might consider making Letter size version available at a later date. For the time being please print the documents using the Acrobat Reader.

For the moment the documents are made available in Adobe’s Acrobat PDF format only. For those who prefer Postscript, a ZIP archive with a Postscript version can be made available for download if there is sufficient demand.


The other chapters will be published as soon as possible.


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