The Ultimate Enigma Challenge
Messages From a Possible Unknown Machine.

The cipher text messages below are messages from the German Army Collection that we failed to break when attacking these messages in 2003-2004. We believe the messages have been enciphered on the Enigma because of the message structure with the characteristic Enigma indicator. But as we did not succeed in breaking any of these messages it is possible they have been enciphered on a machine that is different from the Wehrmacht Enigma. If this is the case the wheel wiring will be different and the messages will probably be impossible to break.

The cipher/radio operators have different names from the operators of the rest of the German Army messages from 1941. Furthermore the operator comments and the indication of the radio frequencies used is uncommon and very different from all the other messages. The frequencies are also very low, lower than what would normally be used on German Army radio networks. It is difficult to speculate who would be behind this network. One possibility is that it is a police network run by operators from the German Ordnungspolizei. However, at this moment no other information is available that confirms nor rejects this hypothesis.

For the non German speakers, here is a short explanation of some of the German terms used in the message header:

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Five unknown Enigma messages from September 1941

Enigma message of 29.09.1941, Nr. 6, (QTXMA):  (Facsimile of Nr. 6)

Befordert am: 29.09.1941 Uhr: 2250 Durch: Otor. ? Funkspruch Nr.: 6 Von: An : 2pn Vermerke: qwd Kr. 2 x rufen Absendende Stelle : An: 323 khz ------------------------------------------------------------- 2240 - 160 - LDP WRX - QTXMA JVMOY CZAYM RVLCB SOQXY BATSX JBQLA EJKYT YXJOE MYBLO EMYOK SRMTA VLBCX JAMOE SRXYT VAOEY AVYXK CJVCM EISHT BAYVX XAJWC ZQCYP XMEHA BLKYJ YASOE IJYXO QXYTL BASYE ESTAQ XJVNW CBJZB YQYTM

Enigma message of 29.09.1941, Nr. 7, (SZAEJ):

Befordert am: 29.09.1941 Uhr: 2324 Durch: Otor. ? Funkspruch Nr.: 7 Von: An : o37 Vermerke: qsa anfragen ?? ?? ?? Absendende Stelle : An: 716 khz ------------------------------------------------------------- 2314 - 56 - GAR PLD - SZAEJ TOMBY XCZEO JKSAM GEYPW XZWJM EVBZY ZAEJV HSEMN WEYTM EOMTC G

Enigma message of 30.09.1941, Nr. 8, (BYQMZ):  (Facsimile of Nr. 8)

Befordert am: 30.09.1941 Uhr: 0025 Durch: Otor. ? Funkspruch Nr.: 8 Von: An : ugn Vermerke: ?? 2352 qsl - qjb - ?? Absendende Stelle : An: 568 ------------------------------------------------------------- 0014 - 172 - MGS TPL - BYQMZ NYZKY DOEMG PSDUH MLHJA TWMYC HIF-Y MAEST AVLCG CNLGM ZIQUS QNRAI KYJDE TUEXO JQPGX QSCEX ENOSF ASJVT GBHXT VGQTW KEWPP RIVYJ EHEWN GPFUE AZTUW ZUQBL NBYET ZVSUA JSEAS ZXYFT UMOSH URQES STQMP AOPBF TY

Enigma message of 30.09.1941, Nr. 11, (FKQLZ):

Befordert am: 30.09.1941 Uhr: 0355 Durch: Fuhrmann Funkspruch Nr.: 11 Von: An : g19 Vermerke: 2 x rufen Absendende Stelle : An: 323 Khz ------------------------------------------------------------- de ugn 0340 - 112 - RTA SDP - FKQLZ DNXLI AGVIQ BUWMH YCAMD FBAEQ VGXMR CEPGA RIHRK RTDLN YVCSW UFHIX LXPUC ESNOL NAHZD KPNVB FSOKB PCTGD KOFMT WGSYO UTQRM PWWZO RK

Enigma message of 30.09.1941, Nr. 12, (XFEDT):  (Facsimile of Nr. 12)

Befordert am: 30.09.1941 Uhr: 0416 Durch: Fuhrmann Funkspruch Nr.: 12 Von: An : 6q8 Vermerke: qsa anfragen ?? ?? Absendende Stelle : An: 716 Khz ------------------------------------------------------------- 0405 - 102 - LMO DSV - XFEDT ZYOQH TSAFR LQCHZ URCWO ILRXG MCBFZ KAPYD UMHVC ATDPS EAKYS ZEGFK GINXW RNQVO IDFAN GLRXN UHGTV FCNEX BPWYM ZFBXO AU

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