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CSG, Crypto Simulation Group, is a very small group of like-minded historian/researchers in the field of cryptology. The five members are actively engaged in the studies of cipher machines, cryptographic procedures and cryptanalytical methods in use by the various countries during the Second World War.

The members’ expertise is very varied and relatively extensive as well as quite complementary, which allows us to take on a variety of rather complex projects like the simulation of cipher machines and cryptanalytical machinery. We have specially invested a lot of effort in the simulation of the various Enigma machines.

You can get a glimpse of some of our simulation activites by visiting our simulation’s gallery. CSG Gallery (Graphic Intensive)

The CSG Members:

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  • Ralph Erskine,
    • E-mail: ralpherkine-at-o2-dot-co-dot-uk
  • Wes Freeman,
    • E-mail: wesf-at-worldnet-dot-att-dot-net
  • David Hamer,
  • Philip C. Marks,
    • E-mail: phil-at-philmarks-dot-net
  • Geoff Sullivan,
  • Frode Weierud,

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