List of Biafran Names

The messages apparently contain many abbreviations and codewords for both people and places. The message headers and address field already contain some of these abbreviations, sometimes as short form of the first or family names or as nicknames. Examples of outside addressing are: “for o from chris,” “for sjo from ao,” “for o from dr obonna,” “for ugwumba from cc.” etc.

The list of names given below is an expanded and reworked version of a similar list appearing in Appendix 6 (Bilaga 6) in Jan-Olof Grahn’s book “Om svensk signalspaning: Kalla kriget” (On Swedish signal intelligence: The Cold War). This new version, which will be maintained and updated when needed, is republished here with the permission of Jan-Olof Grahn.

Accsd (B)	    ?
Achebe (B)	    This is most likely Chinua Achebe, who was one of 
		    Biafra's rowing ambassadors.
Agbor (B)	    ?
Akabogu (B), Major  Major George Akabogu, commander of the airport at Uli
Akpan, N.U. (B)	    Mr. Ntieyong Udo Akpan, Chief Secretary of the
		    Biafran Military Government
Aniebo	 	    2/Lt. I.N.C. Aniebo. Lisbon. Controls DC-7 in Bissau?
Ao (B)		    ?
Ambrose (B)	    ?
Arthur  	    Commissioner Arthur Mbanefo
Austine (B)	    ? Possibly either Okwesa or Okwu
Ayinotu (B)	    ?
Azikiwe, Nnamdi	    Former Nigerian president Dr Nnamdi Azikiwe, 
		    Biafran ambassador to some East African and 
		    Francophone countries. Also known as Zik.
Azuka (L)	    ?

Ben (B)		    Associated with Belgium. Speaks Ibo.
Big Brother (B)	    B.B., President Houphouet-Boigny, Ivory Coast.

CC (B)		    Lisbon, possibly Christopher C. Mojekwu, see Mojukwu
Chigbo (B)	    Peter Chigbo, Permanent Secretary of the Biafran Ministry of
		    Information and Propaganda
Chiji (B)	    Paris, see Chijioke I. Dike
Chris (B)	    Lisbon. Possibly Christopher Onyekwelu, Biafra's financial
		    representative in Europe
Chukwu (B)	    ? Ajulu Chukwu? Lisbon?
CJ (B)		    London? "The CJ"
Cookey, S.J.S.	    Dr. Sylvanus John Sodienye Cookey, 
		    Commissioner Special Duties

Dike, C.I.	    Chijioke I. Dike, Biafra's special representative in Paris
Dike, Kenneth	    Dr. Kenneth O. Dike, rowing ambassador in France and former 
                    French colonies, special representative in Ivory Coast
Drokigbo	    Dr. Okigbo, Drok, Paris

Edozien (B)	    ? Might possibly be Joseph Chike Edozien
Eke, Ifegwu (B)	    Dr. Ifegwu Eke, Commissioner for Information, (New York?)
Ekwensi		    Mr. Cyprian Ekwensi, author and leader of the foreign section of the Biafran
		    Ministry of Information and Propaganda
Ellah		    most likely Mr. Francis Ellah who was first an envoy to the UK
		    and later worked in the Biafran Ministry of Transport and 
		    Communication. The name is linked with the address 
		    30 Collingham Gardens, London; the Biafran Mission in London.
Emodi (B)		    ? Lisbon?
EN		    Lisbon?, possibly Ebgert Nwogu who was based in Lisbon
Eni (B)		    Stationed in Addis Ababa?
Enwerem (B)         ?
Eronini, Rufus (B)  ? Rufus Eronini, London? Linked with Yugoslavia.
Eyoma		    Mr. Eyoma Ita Eyoma, Biafra's special envoy in Stockholm
Ezenwa (B)	    ? Lisbon?

FE (B)		    London?
Finecountry	    Chief Lionel Finecountry, senior Nigerian and Biafran 
	            police officer

Hamilton (B)	    ?
HE		    Ojukwu (His Excellency), see Ojukwu
HY (B)		    ?

Ibiam		    Sir Francis Akanu Ibiam, Governor of the Eastern Region, 
Iheaku (B)	    ?
IK (B)		    Lisbon. Identical to Ikpa?
Ikpa, O.U. (B)	    Ochea Uduma Ikpa, Deputy Permanent Secretary in Lisbon
Ilho, Moses	    Moses Iloh, head of Biafran Red Cross
Ilunga		    Dr. Agostinho Ilunga, Biafran Liaison Officer in Lisbon
Iwunze		    ? Working with Chris in Lisbon

K (B)		    See Ignatius Kogbara 
Kogbara, Ignatius   Mr. Ignatius Kogbara, Ambassador to UK, based in London

Lemeh, Charles	    Dr. Charles N. Lemeh, Biafran representative in New York.
		    Address: 342 Madison Avenue, New York, New York 10017
Luke		    Biafra's representative in Frankfurt, moved later to Bonn

Madiebo, Mrs. (B)   Mrs. Madiebo, wife of Alexander Madiebo, the Biafran Army
		    Chief of Staff
Maduako (B)	    ?
Mallock		    Pilot associated with Ian Smith in Rhodesia
Manekeh (B)         ?
Matarrese (B)	    ? Connected to the Biafran office in Rome
Mbadiwe		    Dr. Kingsley Ozuomba Mbadiwe, in London, travels to USA
Mbanefo, L (B)	    Chief Justice Sir Louis Mbanefo
Mbu		    Matthew Tawo Mbu, the Biafran Foreign Minister,
		    travelling in Europe, stationed in Lisbon
Mezu		    Dr. Sebastian Okechukwu Mezu, Biafran Ambassador to Abidjan, 
		    Ivory Coast
Mojekwu		    Christopher C. Mojekwu, Colonel Ojukwu's cousin and Internal
		    Affairs Minister, who was based in Lisbon
Monu (B)	    ?

Ngwube (B)	    Possibly Mr. Douglas Ngwube one of Colonel Ojukwu's advicers
Njoku		    Professor Eni Njoku or B. Chinweoke Njoku
Nkele		    ?
Nnachi (B)	    ?
Nnubia, Dr. (B)     Dr. Nnubia ?
NO		    Ojukwu
Nwadikwa (B)	    ? Lisbon?
Nwakoby		    Raphael Nwakoby, member of the Biafran Mission in USA
Nwanze (B)	    George Nwanze, Ojukwu's cabinet secretary
Nwogu (B)	    Egbert Nwogu, Biafran representative based in Lisbon.
Nwokedi, F.C. (B)   Francis Charles Nwokedi, special advisor to Ojukwu. Former head of the 
		    Nigerian Federal Ministry of External Affairs 
Nwokoye, C.O.	    Administrative assistant in Stockholm

Obi		    Luke Obi, chief political officer, Biafran Ministry
		    of Foreign Affairs, stationed in Sao Tome? 
		    Can also be Eric Obi, the Biafran representative in
		    Sao Tome.
Obonna (B)	    Dr., most likely Dr. Aaron N.C. Ogbonna, envoy in West Germany
		    and stationed in Frankfurt
Odeluga (B)	    ?
Odogwu, Sonny (B)   Dr. Sonny Iwedike Odogwu
Ofong, Chidi	    Chidi Ofong, was a Biafran emissary at their Embassy in London
	    	    at 83 Queens Gate.
Ofurum (B)	    ? Might be Sebatian Ofurum, Radio Biafra
Ogbula (B)	    ?
Oji		    Associated with the Food for Peace program?
Ojukwu (L)	    Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu, Lieutenant-Colonel, later General
Okagbue		    Ben Okagbue, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Information.
Okezie (B)	    ?
Okigbo, Pius	    Dr Pius Okigbo, economist, stationed in London. 
		    Commissioner of Ecomomy. Also known as Drok, 
		    see Drokigbo
Okwesa, Austine	    Lisbon? Associated with Aniebo
Okwu, Austine	    Austine S.O. Okwu, based in Tanzania. 
		    Special representative to East and Central Africa
Okwuosa, F.C. (B)   F.C. Okwuosa, manning the Dutch sub-post under the
		    command of Ignatius Kogbara in London
Oluonye (B)	    Paul and Peter Oluonye, civil engineers andtwin brothers of
		    Gabriel Ikemefuna Oluonye
Onah, Joseph (B)    Dr. Joseph Onah, General Secretary of the Biafra Union of Italy.
Onejeme (B)	    Dr. Andrew Nwibe Onejeme, Washington.
		    Based in New York at 342 Madison Avenue, Suite 814
Onubogu (B)	    Harold N. Onubogu, stationed in Lisbon and responsible for
		    weapons procurement
Onunaku (B)	    ?
Onwadike (B)	    ?
Onyegbula	    Godwin Alaoma Onyegbula, Biafran Foreign Minister
Orakposi (B)	    ?
Otue (B)	    Dr. Nwonye Otue, Medical Doctor, Biafran Representative, 
		    envoy to Canada. Based in New York at 342 Madison Avenue, 
		    Suite 814, New York

Pighead (L)	    3 Paanch Street Gooner (explosives)
Preston, Bernhard   Bernhard Preston, executive of Markpress in Geneva,
	 	    was responsible for the Biafran public relation project.
		    Markpress, owned by the American William Bernhardt, was
		    Biafra's international press and public relations firm. 

Ralph (B)	    "Counterpart at Ghana's embassy," or possibly Ralph Uwechue
		    Biafra's envoy to France.

Sjo (B)		    ?

Tagbo (B)	    Onyekwelu, most likely Christopher Onyekwelu, the
		    brother-in-law of Colonel Ojukwu and Briafra's
		    financial representative in Europe
Tony (B)	    Possibly Colonel Tony Eze

Uche (B)	    Dr. Uche, London?
Udoaffia	    Most likely James Udo-Affia. Commissioner in Paris?
Ufomadu (B)	    ?
Ugboma		    Most likely Michael Ugboma, Biafran representative  
Ugbo (B)	    ?
Ugoh, Sylvester     Mr. Sylvester U. Ugoh, the Governor of the Bank of Biafra
Ugwa (B)	    ?
Ugwumba (L)	    Austin Ugwumba, Head of the Biafran Civil Service. 
		    Involved in weapon sales
Ugztma (B)	    ?
Unachukwu (B)	    Member of Biafra's mission in Lisbon, later their 
	 	    representative in Sao Tome
Unegbu (B)	    ?

Zik		    See Azikiwi
Zimmer		    Associated with Arthur
Zo (L)		    ?

(B) = Normally appearing in Biscaia messages
(L) = Normally appearing in Luanda/3 messages

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